Tissue world istanbul 2018

It is an invitation by all our customers to be held between dates 4-6 and 2018.

Stand: E131

Embossing Rollers

Laser machines and acid engraving are the techniques our company uses for pattern production. We can also produce different leveled patterns flawlessly. 


  • Napkin Pattern Cylinders
  • Toilet Paper Pattern Cylinders
  • Paper Towel Pattern Cylinders
  • Shower Cabinet Printing Cylinders
  • Wood Printing Cylinders
  • Knife Cylinders
  • Fake Leather Cylinders
  • Wallpaper Cylinders
  • Fabric Printing Cylinders
  • Velvet Printing Cylinders

Silindir Çekirdek İmalatı

Our company specializes in cylinder production. With our lathe machine and grinding machine we prepare our cylinders for best quality pattern engraving.

According to the field of use we can produce cylinders that are heated by oil or cooled by water.


Maximum Cylinder Processing Capacity:

6 Meters / Length

1 Meter / Diameter